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Winter wear pantyhose and jeans, men’s 3 feeling

Winter men’s feeling of wear pantyhose and jeans. Every winter, many men like to wear men’s pantyhose under jeans, It seems to be the trend right now.

Men Wear Pantyhose and Jeans

Every winter, many men like to wear pantyhose and jeans, It seems to be the trend right now, If they were skinny jeans, It’s great to put on pantyhose. I enjoy wearing loose-fitting jeans rolled up at the hem with thigh-high stockings sometimes or men’s pantyhose. I almost always wearing some sort of nylon, as it’s much more comfortable. Your feet don’t sweat, swell or smell as much and they slip on and off easier.

A lot of men wear pantyhose under jeans quite often in the winter to help keep their legs warmer. Most of the time I’ll be wearing UGG men’s boots or other closed shoes too, so no one would even know that I have to wear men’s pantyhose.

Also, I used to have a job in a company where I spent long hours on my feet, in winter time and I always wore thick pantyhose under my jeans to keep my legs from getting fatigued and sore. I know there were other men there who did the same thing, and it did help.

I wear them every time I wear jeans as they make the jeans slide on easier plus my shoes always seem to fit a bit better when with the pantyhose. I think that it is a sexy look when I wear pantyhose under jeans that have holes in them.

Some men don’t understand why I wear pantyhose, they will say: you are gay or fetish, which is BS haha.

I wear them under jeans a fair amount and even though pantyhose are thin, they do add an extra layer to help block the air cold; As many said above, the pantyhose under the denim material does slide nicely and make it more comfortable.

I mainly do it for circulation and to help make my legs and feet feel better. I typically wear men’s pantyhose underpants, which do multiple duties from warmth to keep things snug.

Typically, people don’t know you have pantyhose. As long as you keep the toe seam tucked under your toes and you wear sheer toe pantyhose, it’s not that noticeable you are wearing them.

I would only recommend doing that if you fashion man feet though, haha.

I wear pantyhose and jeans under my trousers quite often. Mainly sheer ones during the warmer periods and thicker pantyhose during winter. I consider that tights not only complete my outfit when wearing jeans but also help support my legs and help with tiredness.

Jomi Men's Compression Pantyhose Review 39.75
  • Very comfortable and great quality and perfect fit - 95%
  • Priced just right - 90%
  • Alleviate the pain of varicose veins - 100%

Jomi Men's Compression Pantyhose

Jomi Compression Men’s Collection is designed specifically for men, and include socks and leotard. Jomi Leotard is essentially a men’s pantyhose, it will give you the compression you need for more coverage. Jomi Men’s Socks are made to dress and impress.

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  • Alleviate the pain of varicose veins
  • Very comfortable and great quality and perfect fit
  • Priced just right


  • Maybe you think not a manly thing
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3 thoughts on “Winter wear pantyhose and jeans, men’s 3 feeling”

  1. Adieu (Farewell )! The swollen heavy legs!


    Very comfortable, high quality, perfect fit. You can enjoy a working day with it. It is more suitable for people who have undergone varicose vein surgery. However, it should be noted that they need to be hand-washed with soap during maintenance to keep them intact, because the washing machine may change the elasticity (spandex fiber). ) Or wash below 40C*.

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  2. You can try Men's Compression Pantyhose


    Good stuff if ur relegated to dual compression (both legs full cover)… no more wrangling with trying to keep the damn things from falling…. a little strange to wear ‘tights at first but damn… if you don’t hurt after a day on your feet or a day a flights and walking… BIG plus… I’m 6 foot and 210…. mediums are the way to go… large works but lots of extra at the rop… all said… 5×5!

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    • These compression hoses have really helped alleviate the pain of varicose veins in my legs. Also, help put a spring in my step on the golf course. If you’re on your feet a lot, these are must-haves. The convenience of men’s brief. Better than thigh highs that slip down.

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