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2021 Best Tights For Men and Women

What are the best tights for men & women? Let’s guess what is that? Yes, you are right. That is pantyhose! for men, men’s pantyhose are also fashionable. that men’s pantyhose also named mantyhose and most men wear it every day. I will tell you how to buy men’s pantyhose in this post.

All Men & Women Need a pair of Pantyhose

What’s the most fashionable item for women? Let’s guess. Yes, you are right. That is pantyhose! Of course, men’s pantyhose is also fashionable for men. Men’s pantyhose also is called mantyhose, and many men wear them every day. Do you still think that only flight attendants and mothers wear pantyhose? You are wrong if you think so. Stockings or pantyhose used to be regarded as a symbol of pornography and sex. Now, it has become a fashion item that both men and women alike. Every man needs a pair of good men’s pantyhose, and women also need good pantyhose or stockings too.

In fact, the born of stockings is very particular. From the exclusive use of men to become the best friend of women, it has witnessed the revolution, war, and peace of the world. buy men’s pantyhose.

Do you know that men wear pantyhose first

Let’s go back to the 15th century. Men in Europe didn’t wear trousers, and their legs were extremely exposed. In order to cover the leg hair and highlight the muscle lines, they put on tights. This tight-fitting sock became popular from Spain all the way to France, and from the king to the sect. All of them were deeply attracted.

men wear pantyhose
best tights for men

These highly saturated colors are considered to be the most graceful and beautiful, such as red, orange, and purple. These tights are the predecessor of stockings and pantyhose.

In French court where people pursuing fashion, it was very glory to have a pair of Spanish stockings. For the upper class and the royal family, no matter how bad used to be, he would receive lots of praise as long as he wore a pair of Spanish stockings. French King Louis XIV himself is a loyal fan of “stocking social”.

2021 Best Tights For Men and Women 1
Best tights for men – French King Louis XIV

Do you think that the French King Louis XIV is the forerunner of men wear pantyhose? At that time, the socks were not only suitable for long legs but also very friendly for shorts. Therefore, the King of Rome, Napoleon also had many tight-fitting socks. Even in exile, he didn’t forget to bring a few pairs with him. In 2010, a pair of stockings that Napoleon wore when he was in exile in St. Helena was estimated to be between 1.5 and 20,000 euros in Paris, France. buy men’s pantyhose.

Napoleon not only loves to wear stockings but also likes to collect high heels. It is said that he uses 9 bottles of perfume every month. In that era, men cared for beauty very much. Many things that are considered to be women-only were worn by men at that time. Tights are one of them.

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This pair of unbreakable pantyhose is worth buy

Women who care about beauty can’t escape the fashion item of stockings, but the embarrassing phenomenon often happens as follows:

men wear pantyhose
Best tights for men

The stocking is broken when you pull it gently, excluding the one who likes the styles as follows.

2021 Best Tights For Men and Women 2
Shredded pantyhose & best men’s pantyhose

I don’t know when the stockings became a symbol of sexy women, and many of Hepburn’s movies have stockings. In “Breakfast at Tiffany’s “, Holly worn a little black dress with stockings attracted lots of people.

2021 Best Tights For Men and Women 3
Hepburn’s stockings movie & best men’s pantyhose

Best tights for men & women

Two years ago, no matter how cheap or expensive the stockings were, they could be broken by tearing or wearing. Until 2017, Sheertex of Canada invented the stockings named Sheerly Genius. These kinds of stockings can’t be broken by wearing or tearing, even can’t be cut bring good news to women who care more about beauty. They would no longer worry about what happens.

General pantyhose VS Sheertex pantyhose & best men’s pantyhose

Sheertex is a very young company, but its technology about stockings is very good and patent-pending. Their stockings are suitable for both men and women. Many men have bought the best pantyhose for men since they started selling. Because the stockings produced by Sheertex can’t be broken through tearing or wearing, the price is $99.99, a bit expensive. Then how to buy it? There are two ways:

Buy online at Amazon

You can buy men’s pantyhose on Amazon. They started to sell on Amazon on April 22, 2019. Before that time, they were only available on the official website, and you have to book.

best pantyhose for men
best tights for men & women & best men’s pantyhose

$59 Buy on Amazon

Buy on the official website

If you don’t want to buy the best men’s pantyhose from Amazon, you can buy it from the official website of Sheertex directly.

Please note: All international orders (outside of Canada and the US) may be subject to customs and duty fees upon arrival in the destination country. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by Sheertex. Sheertex ships all international orders DDU (duties delivered unpaid) meaning we do not collect any local taxes/fees in the price charged on the website. Please do consider import duties and taxes if you are shopping internationally.

best tights for men & women

Buy on Sheertex

If you buy on Sheertex’s official website, you can enjoy a 15% discount with coupon code 2H8aK3i

Men wear pantyhose & best men’s pantyhose

Sheertex’s pantyhose are expensive, but they can’t be broken. On the official website of sheertex, you can see the customer reviews to know more. if you are a man who want to buy men’s pantyhose, as men wear pantyhose have 4 benefits.

best pantyhose for men & women
best tights for men & women & best men’s pantyhose

Pantyhose is a very common fashion item. For women, no matter how they wear, someone would appreciate them. For men, wearing pantyhose make them feel good, especially for the long seat. Both men and women can wear this best pantyhose in the office! Putting on pantyhose can improve blood circulation, avoid varicose veins, have absolute effective control and treatment for thrombosis and varicose veins, and resist fatigue effectively so that your legs are always full of vitality! Passengers who take a long train or plane also have the corresponding pressure and fatigue!

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Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights Review 99
  • Strongest Comfortable tights - 97%
  • Not shiny material. Makes my legs look good - 96%
  • Comfortable. Not itchy. - 94%
  • Crotch area is well made and has good airflow - 93%

Sheertex Classic Pantyhose Also Suitable Men

I have always liked Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights & Pantyhose very much. It is really strong and is a pantyhose that is very worth buying for women and men. Sheertex pantyhose & tights are the strongest most comfortable sheer tights on the market! Sheer, comfortable, durable tights guaranteed to get you through your workday and stand up to extended wear, THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE

Comments Rating 5 (2 reviews)


1. Comfortable. Not itchy.
2. Not shiny material. Makes my legs look good
3. Crotch area is well made and has good airflow
4. Really will not break with things that will usually break other hose. Like a finger nail or strong pull up. They are strong


1. They slip down and have to be pulled up several times during the day. I have to find a bathroom and pull them down to the knees and pull them back up. The material is silky
2. Waistbands are loose. Maybe my waist is too small or maybe I got the wrong size (no refunds for the wrong size)
3. They will not break at first but you will notice lines forming. Thin black straight lines where a hold could have formed but did not. Like a tiny pulled thread.
4. They smell very badly (like harsh chemicals) out of the bag but that smell goes away

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  1. Best tights for men? I think I should buy a large size


    Like many pantyhose, for men, you can choose to buy a large size, although there are only a few manufacturers that make pantyhose for men. The good news is that men wear pantyhose is gradually being accepted. .

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  2. I think Sheertex Tights is the Best Strongest


    hi, 2 years ago I also knew that Sheertex Tights is the strongest, I also bought this pantyhose, it is really great, it is worth buying; but you will see some on their page Negative comments, so my opinion is for reference only.

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  3. Bonjour jess li.
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je le trouve très intéressant .
    Je porte des collants depuis quelque années ,je trouve ce vêtements agréable a porter ,chaud .
    je vois que très nombreux hommes aiment en porter et que les fabricants font des tailles de plus en plus grandes .
    Les collants Sheertex sont très bien mais hélas ils ne font pas les livraisons internationale ,j’espère qui le feront plus tard et qui le mettrons en vente dans tout les Amazon .
    Les beaux jours arrive bientôt je met ton blog dans mes favoris ,
    merci pour toute ces recherches avec tous ces liens .
    A bientôt

    • Salut Laurent
      Merci pour votre message. Je l’ai traduit en français en utilisant google. S’il y a des fautes de grammaire ou d’orthographe, désolé.
      Comme vous l’avez dit, Sheertex est très bon, avec une grande taille qui convient très bien aux hommes, mais je n’ai aucun moyen de l’acheter maintenant, vous pouvez essayer de contacter le site officiel pour acheter. Il fut un temps où ils avaient des ventes sur Amazon, mais maintenant je ne sais pas pourquoi ils ont annulé les ventes en ligne via Amazon.

      • Bonjour jess li.
        il n’y a pas de fautes de grammaires ni d’orthographe et même si il y en a le principal est qu’on puisse se comprendre .
        J’ai contacter sheertex pour le black friday car je voulais commander mais je n’ai pas pu,
        ils m’ont répondus qu’ils ne livrer que les Etats Unis et le Canada ,des problèmes avec la poste
        frais de ports élevées et délais de livraisons long .
        ils sont en train d’étudier ce problème .
        Merci de m’avoir répondu.

        • Bonjour, Laurent
          Merci beaucoup d’avoir fait part de ces informations utiles. S’ils peuvent le livrer dans mon pays, je prévois également d’acheter 2 paires pendant le Black Friday
          L’année dernière, pour la même raison, j’ai également renoncé à acheter, en espérant qu’ils pourraient livrer dans plus de pays.

  4. Wow, I had no idea men wore pantyhose first. I did know that very few of them did wear tights and stockings and was not a fan of those who did. Yes, I was being a little judgmental but not in a bad way. I would just make a joke out of it among friends who wore them. They will be pleased to hear that my perspective has completely changed. 

    This was an incredibly interesting read and pantyhose that never breaks is worth spending the money. I hate when I am all set to go out i put on my pantyhose and it has a rip in it. Just at that time all my other pairs seem to have gone missing. It would be comforting to know that I will never have to worry about that again. 

    Pantyhose has gone out of fashion as of late, I still like them though and I definitely still wear them. 

  5. When a friend first told me about a pantyhose that cannot break, I was shocked, I thought it was a joke and I saw it. Sheertex really makes good panty hose and I agree with you that it was men that first wore this types of pants and you have done that with some evidence. One thing I didn’t know though is that they can be called mantyhose too. I’ll get this for me and my girlfriend. We use pantys for our yoga. Nice post

  6. This was very interesting and thought provoking article.   Here in the United States were I live, panty hose , has gone out of style.   Yet tights, are popular in the winter with women.   They are a thicker material.   I supppse some athletic year for runners and bicyclists resemble thick pantyhose also,   

     I think some men may wear panty or mantihose type garments when they are hunting as an extra thin layer of warmth when hunting.    I don’t have any friends that participate in a balllet company but I would think these types of pantyhose or tights would be popular. 

    That said, I still prefer to wear pantyhose myself because I think they make my legs look prettier when I am wearing a dress.   They also help my feet feel more comfortable in shoes.   Like the hunters I mentioned above, I also use them as a thin layer of warmth for outdoor winter activities.   

    The history of men wearing hose was interesting.   I hope this company does well with their no tearing pantyhose. 

    • Yes, people in different regions have different habits, and the style people like would change as time goes on. But the pantyhose is good for healthy. I don’t think it will out of stye,especally the appearence of the no tearing pantyhose.

  7. Wow great information here for women’s AND men’s pantyhose. Honestly I did not know that men wore pantyhose so this post really broadens my horizons. Mantyhose I like that haha. Now that I think about it men did wear tights first. I think about Shakespeare and what they wore in those plays. Louis XIV is really styling in those white tights! Sheertex looks like a pretty solid product and I definitely will be saving and sharing your link with some friends, thank you!

  8. Hi Jess Li. I call these tights but I like the name manyhose for the male version. I don’t see many men in my area wearing tights but maybe they are wearing them under trousers. Maybe good though for long journeys as you say.  I like the idea of unbreakable tights; my wife is forever buying new tights when hers get ladders or holes in them. The replacement cost soon adds up!

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