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How to Buy Mantyhose? 13 Best Skills

How to buy mantyhose? Mantyhose have become increasingly popular for both fashion and health. Keep reading on how to shop for and buy a pair of pantyhose for men.

Buy Mantyhose Steps

Buy Mantyhose Steps
Buy Mantyhose Steps
  1. There are many benefits for men wearing pantyhose, so now more and more men are also wearing pantyhose, so there are also men’s pantyhose brands on the market, men’s pantyhose is also called: mantyhose, or men’s Pantyhose. Now, buying a pair of men’s pantyhose is easier! The pantyhose company is launching a men’s pantyhose style to meet the growing demand of male shoppers.
Buy Men's Pantyhose
Buy Men’s Pantyhose
  1. Research the various brands by searching online.
  1. Look for the thickness and consider the amount of support you are looking for.
Buy Mantyhose
Buy Pantyhose for Men
  1. Check the size chart and use your current size as a guideline.
  • The hose that is too tight can run easily
  • Heavier or taller men who fall outside of their normal size range should contact the retailer before purchasing.
Buy Mantyhose
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Order carefully. Like undergarments pantyhose may not be returnable.
  1. Discuss your reasoning for ordering pantyhose with your spouse or partner. This is a newer trend and a small discussion beforehand can save you some questioning later.
  1. Understand the reasons why men order and wear pantyhose.
  • Many men wear patterned or colored pantyhose in place of socks as a fashion accessory.
  • Construction workers, painters, and other manly jobs often require working in the extreme cold temperatures. These men discovered they could buy the larger women’s pantyhose to add a thin layer for warmth. Now sizes, patterns, colors, etc. are available for men.
  • Pantyhose offer support for legs and can prevent or improve varicose veins.
  • Pantyhose offer compression and support and can help if your legs often feel very tired at the end of the day.
Buy Mantyhose
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Try your hose on once they arrive. Try wearing them under casual clothes on the weekend to get used to the fit.
Buy Mantyhose
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Consider buying more pairs once you find a style and support that works for you. As women have complained for years, pantyhose can snag and run easily.
Buy Mantyhose
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Check the male pantyhose websites for washing and care instructions.
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Check the male pantyhose retailers for tips and trends on how to wear male pantyhose.
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Try wearing pantyhose to improve sports performance. They keep your muscles warmer, provide support and offer more aerodynamics in sports such as cycling.
Buy Mantyhose
  1. Consider buying a hose with good support. Support and control top to hold in extra weight and tummy for better fitting clothes. If you need this and aren’t able to find an appropriate male size you can still try buying a larger female size.

Buy Men’s Pantyhose Conclusion

When I saw the word Mantyhose for the first time, I didn’t understand what it is. I learned through Google that it is actually men’s pantyhose. Now many men wear it for various reasons. If you are a man and plan to buy mens pantyhose, I think the steps above will help you.

Buy Mens Pantyhose - Glossy Mens Tights 21.99
Mens Pantyhose

Product Name: Mens Pantyhose - Glossy Mens Tights

Product Description: Easily fits a 6 foot tall 200 lb man with room to spare. If you are as large as 220-240 and your waist isn't much larger than 42 inches, it'll just be a tight fit. If you are very tall and have thin legs, these pantyhose will go several inches over 6 feet tall. The toe seams are offset to lay on top of your toenails for comfort. The fabric is wonderfully soft and silky. They are extremely comfy for lounging around the house and are a great winter base layer.

Brand: Generic


MPN: unknow


Offer price: 21.99

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Valid until: May 31, 2022

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Mens Pantyhose - Glossy Mens Tights Review

I like shiny hose, and decided to try a pair of these Glossy mens tights. Out of the package, they were soft, but had no shine to them, so I had my doubts about them. I washed them and let them dry (couple of hours) and decided to try them to see if they were as glossy as advertised and they definitely are glossy. I even went out not he bright sunshine and WOW they sure did shne.

I don’t now how long they will lt as I’ve only worn them the one time so far but If they last for a few wearings I’ll e happy.

  • waistband is wide, high on the waist
  • Silky, shiny
  • very soft, glossy
  • pretty resilient
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  • waistband is wide, high on the waist
  • Silky, shiny
  • very soft, glossy
  • pretty resilient


  • Not extra room accommodate man’s additional volume
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Hi, I am Jess. Li! I live in Chengdu, the hometown of panda,with my lovely son and my dear husband. This site is about sharing men's pantyhose, Tights, Compression pantyhose, etc. Of course, it will also introduce how to choose and buy.

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  1. Good evening JessWith one voice, the idea is just great. In a sense, it will discourage gender discrimination. I deeply felt the lack of such garment in the past winter. Ish! Why didn’t the preview be seen before? Recently I read many reviews of several products but Mantyhose is just as important as salt in saline. Undoubtedly I need it even my wife (she is a dancer) also. I understand quite well that it will be very comfortable and healthy. Point number 6 is nicely interesting and logical as well (lol). Thanks a lot for such an essential report with some sketch. Finally, your sweet boy may run hurriedly and come running in your lap… 🙂 Regards,Ranao.

    • Aha, you are right, I also often let my husband wear sports equipment when running – compression pantyhose; usually wear it when working, it is just a close-fitting dress.

  2. Thanks Jess for taking the time to write this piece on Pantyhose. Its educative. Thanks for the guide on selecting the right pantyhose. All these while, I thought pantyhose was exclusive for women. It nice knowing that men too can benefit from Pantyhose. you made mentioned of instances where men can wear pantyhose, like those working on construction sites, painter also can benefit from putting pantyhose. I would need to get a pantyhose for myself at least to prevent varicose vein.great piece

    • Yes, pantyhose is compressed and uncompressed. It can be worn regularly for men. It can improve blood circulation and prevent vein dilatation. It has absolutely effective control and treatment for thrombus and varicose veins. Men wear pantyhose to prevent static electricity, so that trousers always have a sense of dangling. In the big shopping malls in big cities, basically 70% of pantyhose is bought by men, so now you are wearing pantyhose. No one in the street feels strange!

  3. Thank you for sharing this article on men’s pantyhose. In general, most of the time women can usually tell if a man is wearing pantyhose. I enjoy wearing loose fitting pants and allow the waist to lower a bit. This article will be useful for men that like to wear pantyhose because it’s not all men that like it.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Jess. Li! This article PANTYHOSE is absolutely new for me. Thanks for this great information about this product. This PANTYHOSE and MENTYHOSE are not only fashion trend but also very beneficial. 

    I would like to have one for the next winter. What information you have provided are very informative and effective because you have explained everything using images that sounds better.

    Thanks for this great article Jess. Li.

    Amod Ranjan

  5. this blog has really shown us how to oder for pantyhose.size is very important in ordering for pantyhose for fitness and smartness. Pantyhose is good for sport like this post said it all. I will get back to you and order for pantyhose for me and my partner. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. 

  6. Hi.

    Thank you so much for writing an article. Pantyhose is a beneficial dress for both men and women, especially during the winter it is very comfortable to wear. It is also safe to use pantyhose during swimming and cycling. It keeps body muscles warm. I use it during sports time.

  7. I can’t say I have ever considered wearing pantyhose? To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that any man outside of cross dressers and stage actors wore pantyhose so this has come as something of a shock to me. 

    At my age I can’t see myself ever becoming an aficionado of pantyhose as a fashion accessory, but I am intrigued by its possible health benefits. You mention some benefits of the mantyhose, such as for construction workers and painters working in cold weather, but are mantyhose really required for leg support and the improvement of varicose veins? Almost straight away, I foresee difficulties with scrota being squashed and hampered in the most uncomfortable and pernicious manner. Therefore, whilst I can be intrigued, I will need convincing and possibly more time than I have left to me in this life to be open-minded enough order this accessory. 

    All that said, if there are men out there who wish to avail themselves of this item, I will remind them that I felt much the same way when I first saw their in tight cycling lycra which I accept now…

    • For sedentary white-collar men, tight-fitting pantyhose can improve blood circulation, prevent vein dilatation, have absolute effective control and treatment for thrombus and varicose veins, and can effectively resist fatigue, so that your legs are always full of vitality! For long-distance travel, passengers who take a long train or plane also have the corresponding pressure and fatigue!
      Therefore, male friends who have field work, in order to be responsible for themselves, please put on pantyhose!

  8. Panty hose for men are certainly becoming a trend, however, just like you ponted out, it is essential for men to discuss the reason for wearing one with their wives in order not to raise eye brows. I have discovered that wearing trousers only in cold weather is not sufficient to keep me warm. After reading your article on Mantyhose, I should consider buying one and jumping on this fast growing trend.

  9. This is actually educating post. I love this. Though, I am not a fan of Mantyhose but I Do Appreciate the fact you put out all those professional tips to buy something like this. These will actually help me in buying other fabrics online. I love the ay you articulate your tips on this post 

  10. Woow!!! Thanks for this in-depth step by step guide to shopping for panthose. I have been on the lookout to get myself some pantyhose recently. It will be my first experience though, so I will passionately follow your guide and come back to share good report of my selections. Thanks for sharing

  11. That was an interesting article, I have used many times pantyhose but did not know there was a amrket for men as well. After reading your blog I kind of understand why and it makes me wonder if my son would like them to play sport. He palys basketball and often uses leg warmers, which kind of look like leggiings and are worn underneath the basketball shorts He uses it when they play somewhere cold and to keep his legs warm. maybe i shoudl try some panythose for men. Thank you for the tip

  12. Great post about Pantyhose for men. It felt weird at first know men too do wear such, but going through this article I came to reason with why some men do wear it especially in cold regions. But I think it will be the best idea to let my spouse know about before buying it just like you wrote to avoid unnecessary confusion. Great writeup, keep up the good work. 

  13. Hi Jess, I love your website, I have a cousin brother who is a freak when it comes to pantyhose.  You can imagine how excited I am to have stumbled upon your site, I will have to direct him to your site. Wow! I never knew that men’s pantyhose can also be called mantyhose. The tips on how to buy quality pantyhose is great and makes a lot of sense. Keep on the good work.

  14. I had no idea that pantyhose specifically for men were even made!! But I can see that it is a very good idea and that they can be really helpful in several ways.

    It does sound a really good idea for men to wear to keep their muscles warm whilst exercising, and to keep warm in outdoor activities. And of course, many people have a need for Support hose.

    Thank you so much for a really helpful post.

    Chrissie 🙂

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