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How to put on mens pantyhose

How to put on men’s pantyhose, The most honest thing is, I am a man, no one taught me how to put on my first pair of pantyhose. I learned to wear pantyhose at the beginning because I didn’t know that there were men’s pantyhose, then I know, so I often wear men’s pantyhose.

Put on mens pantyhose

When I grew up, I saw a lot of girls wearing pantyhose very sexy. They wore the legs of pantyhose to give a good feeling. At that time, I really didn’t know anything about pantyhose or other socks. Classes and how to put them on my two furry legs.

One day, I bought a pair of pantyhose for myself on Amazon. After I grew up and brought myself a new, cheap and first pantyhose, I just followed all the instructions about the suit. Learn more about women wearing their own pantyhose and watching a movie about pantyhose on YouTube step by step.

Put on mantyhose

Put on mens pantyhose
Put on men’s pantyhose

Besides that, I had also learned more about put on mantyhose those do’s & don’ts before putting on, taking off, hand washing, drying & folding a pair of pantyhose & other hosiery.

Men's Oil Shaping Pantyhose Review 19.99
  • Sexy men's nylon sheer stockings
  • Pull On closure
  • Good elasticity, fashion, smooth and comfortable
  • High quality and good price

Men's Oil Shaping Shiny Glossy Pantyhose

Men’s Sexy 70D Oil Shaping Ballet Dance Tights Shiny Glossy Stockings Silky Pantyhose, Trendy style to show your body curve perfectly.Giving your figure a skinny and unique appearance, Perfect for nightwear, romantic gift, honeymoon, wedding night, lingerie party, sleepwear, or Valentine’s Day

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  • Sexy men’s nylon sheer stockings
  • Good elasticity, fashion, smooth and comfortable
  • Pull On closure
  • High quality and good price


Too much force will tear

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Hi, I am Jess. Li! I live in Chengdu, the hometown of panda,with my lovely son and my dear husband. This site is about sharing men's pantyhose, Tights, Compression pantyhose, etc. Of course, it will also introduce how to choose and buy.

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  1. This was the first time I used gloves


    I’ve just had an interesting time. For wearing men’s oil-shaping shiny pantyhose. I purchased some men’s oil-shaping shiny with control top pantyhose.

    Opening and removing the pair. I was shocked by the sheerness. I couldn’t wait to put them on. This was the first time I used gloves. To keep from snagging when putting them on.

    Yes, they are very delicate. After gently easing them up to my calves. Then just over the knee. I stood up to finally pull them to my crotch. After nestling my boys. Yes, I’m a guy.

    I pulled the final control top up to my waist. My goodness. You can’t see the weave. Since they’re 20 deniers. Not only did they feel great. But looking at the difference between compression and regular pantyhose.

    No wonder why women love the sheer regular pantyhose. I’m sure guys that are into wearing hosiery. Will also admit. That they look and feel fabulous.

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  2. Wow, It's so sexy,haha, I love it


    I saw the review at the bottom of the post Men’s Sexy 70D Oil Shaping Ballet Dance Tights Shiny Glossy Stockings Silky Pantyhose, I like this pantyhose very much and it has been added to my shopping cart.

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