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Selection Mens Stockings, 6 Best Tips

Men’s stockings are also called men’s pantyhose. Many people think that stockings are women’s patents. So wearing stockings is something that many men want to do, but not dare to do.

Because of China’s conservative morality, if a man wears stockings on the street, he will attract attention differently, and be despised by his friends. Someone even feels disgusting. But in European, The phenomenon of men wearing stockings is relatively normal.

In fact, wearing stockings has great benefits for men’s body. In addition to keeping warm, stockings can make men look slimmer and elegant, and can also play a role in aphrodisiac.

Let’s talk about some skills of men’s stockings selection.

Selection Mens Stockings Tips

  1. For those who just started wearing men’s stockings, the first thing is how to choose the color. The flesh color is appropriate, and the closer to the flesh color the better it is. It is not easy to be seen so that to reduce the strange vision.
  1. For those who have already worn men’s stockings for a while, they have ignored being treated differently, It doesn’t matter what color they choose, as long as they can match their clothes.
  1. What they should pay attention to are the thickness and the material. The velvet has good elasticity but poor transparency, and the legs tend to turn white in the sunshine.
  1. The tendon of beef has good transparency, but it’s easy to reflect if it is too thick. Therefore, it is recommended to choose this kind of stockings with a thickness below 15D.
  1. Then, I’ll talk about the occasion. Many people like to wear transparent stockings. Although the crystal stockings look good, they are easy to slip due to their flexibility. They are not suitable for a public occasion. Flash stockings are easy to reflect light and attract passers-by, so they are not suitable for outdoors.
  1. Finally, it’s a choice of color. The color of the stockings should match your clothes and skin. People with normal skin tone should choose dark stockings. Those with white skin color should choose light stockings. Those with dark skin color should choose brown or brown stockings.

The above are some tips for when buying men’s stockings. They are summarized based on the available information and hope to help men who like to wear stockings.

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