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2021 Vertigo Hosiery Introducing

Vertigo Hosiery Introducing, We were recently contacted by Vertigo Hosiery, a new online shop that offers high-quality hosiery from the Belarus brand, Conte.

Vertigo Hosiery Introducing

Vertigo Hosiery Introducing

This is what Vertigo Hosiery say about Conte tights:
“Conte tights are manufactured in Belarus to the highest standard of quality; this is achieved through the use of advanced technology and through sourcing raw materials from leading European producers of threads.”

Two types of tights are currently in stock:

Classic tights

2021 Vertigo Hosiery Introducing 1

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2021 Vertigo Hosiery Introducing 2

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Body-Shaping Tights

2021 Vertigo Hosiery Introducing 3

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2021 Vertigo Hosiery Introducing 4

If you check the Vertigo Hosiery you will see that prices are very affordable.

Vertigo Hosiery welcomes male customers

They told us: “Our tights are for everyone, including men, who needs a good quality pair of tights. We also have large sizes, so hopefully, this will accommodate the needs of Hosiery For Men readers.”Vertigo Hosiery is offering Hosiery For Men readers a 10% discount. Use the code ‘autumn10’ at checkout.

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