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Winter men wear pantyhose under jeans to keep warm

Winter men wear pantyhose under jeans to keep warm 1 tip, For men, when wearing jeans in winter, you can wear pantyhose to keep warm inside. Men’s pantyhose can be bought online.

Wear Pantyhose Under Jeans

For men, when wearing men’s skinny slim-fit stretch jeans denim pencil pants in winter, you can wear pantyhose to keep warm inside. Men’s pantyhose can be bought online. If you see a man wearing pantyhose, ask me if I am gay. My answer is: No. In winter, for the sake of warmth, when I work outdoors or exercise, my uniforms include jeans, T-shirts, and wool coats. My wife wears pantyhose or tights under her jeans to keep warm. I will also wear men’s pantyhose inside, and put on jeans outside, But no way will I wear women’s pantyhose. Way too embarrassing.

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Men’s pantyhose 

Men’s pantyhose have been gaining quite a following in recent years. Fashion people, It figures men’s pantyhose would follow.

I am not the first person to wear men’s pantyhose. None other than the great Joe Namath sported a pair when he made a TV commercial for Hanes Beauty Mist pantyhose back in 1973. “Now, I don’t wear pantyhose,” said the former New York Jets quarterback, “but if Beauty Mist can make my legs look good, imagine what they’ll do for yours.”

If your goal is not to be cold in the winter, wear thick men’s pantyhose while wearing jeans, choose from these options:

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Men’s pantyhose

Men’s pantyhose  Long popular in Germany and catching on fast in Britain, regular pantyhose and tights designed especially for men are just starting to gain a following in this country. A few styles have a fly opening and most have a wider waistband than women’s pantyhose. Other than that, the usual options are available: sheer or opaque, regular or control-top, reinforced toe and or heel, and color choices such as black, brown, and nude.

If you are not used to wearing pantyhose, you can choose:

Long johns: Old-fashioned, footless long johns have been keeping legs warm for decades. They are still widely available in various combinations of cotton, wool, nylon, silk, polyester, and microfiber. Because of the slightly baggy fit, however, they’re best worn under relaxed-fit jeans. 

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wear leggings when traveling

Especially on longer flights. Usually, they are jean-type leggings so it just looks like I’m wearing a really tight-fitting pair of jeans. They are much more comfortable to sit and sleep in on long flights. I’ve also worn running tights on a few long flights as well. I’m a guy so I have gotten a few odd glances on occasion, but on a 12-hour flight, I’d rather be as comfortable as possible and don’t really care what people think lol.

Wear Pantyhose Under Jeans
Wear Pantyhose Under Jeans

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Men’s Pantyhose Under Jeans

Need more men’s pantyhose under jeans information? You can read Men’s Winter Wear Pantyhose & Jeans 2019 Style Guide and follow my blog, a Web site created for “Men’s Pantyhose Buying Guide”.

Men’s pantyhose for winter wear – keep your legs warm

Men’s pantyhose is always so difficult to buy, there are not many manufacturers specializing in the production of pantyhose for men, especially when you want to buy pantyhose for men in winter. There are very few brands to choose from. So sometimes I will pick a large size 70 denier or more women’s pantyhose for my husband to wear in winter, of course, he does not mind wearing women’s pantyhose.

Tips: When buying online, you need to choose a denier larger or smaller according to the local temperature. Denier the bigger the thicker.

Winter is very cold. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to keep your legs warm. Wearing pantyhose or Tights will make your legs warmer. If you don’t believe it, you can buy one and try it.
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    For some people, it may actually be a bit bigger if you buy them according to their size chart, so if you plan to buy these, please choose your normal bottom size. Something else to note is that this is a very thin denim, and it also has so much elasticity that I actually call them men’s jeans. By the way, the color of jeans is not ordinary wash or light wash, but a vibrant blue

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  2. I have worn pantyhose for warmth before, I just bought some for this winter .Women’s the men’s are expensive. I may buy some men’s , my job is in and outdoors constantly. I bought queen size which fit , but the control top is squeezing my stuff. LOL. Wearing right now. I have underwear on (men’s) nylon bikini.I have some nylon long johns that are men’s cotton sucks.

  3. So I never imagined wearing pantyhose before. My wife has got a number of pieces for the cold. Forgive me but I even had no clue that there are pantyhose for men, many thanks for information. I reckon this will come in handy for winter and am going to grab myself a few to try out.

    Best regards

  4. I live in Colorado so this sounds like a great idea! I will have to let my skiing buddies know about these, if they don’t have them, they will!

    As you said the longjohns work great, but they get saggy and feel bulky under your clothes! Nylons do not get saggy like that, and are very warm indeed. 

    Thanks for a great review on Men’s Panty Hose. 


  5. Thanks for sharing man’s pantyhose information. It is really useful in various occasion specially when we need to exercise and to travel in long distance. Some time it is very effective in winter season. I really like the long johns and some time wear this under pants. However I like the black color pantyhose with flexible and soft feelings.

  6. I have never really thought about wearing pantyhose as far as an extra layer of earth under my jeans. 

    I am wondering if these are any different from wearing sports compression pants. I have seen a lot of male athletes wear these and they seem to starting to become very common.  

    Are there subtle differences between mens pantyhose and compression pants that you can point out? Like to hear your opinion on this.

    • I wear tights for two reasons, one is the need for a compression program while I’m at work, the other is the cold when winter comes. When it comes to compression tights, I buy unisex models. The compression program is harder to wear, because they are more complicated to put on and take off, and of course the compression itself constantly reminds you to wear them, and this creates a certain discomfort. When it comes to winter tights, I always buy women’s models, because the choice is bigger, and on the other hand, women’s tights are much cheaper. Winter tights are comfortable to wear, warm and do not give that inflated effect like most long jonhs. The industry got stuck producing men’s tights with fly openning and groin adjustments, only to make a difference between men’s and women’s models, which in itself makes men’s models much more expensive. The fact is that the fly openning does not make the model more masculine, there is simply no need. The thermal tights itself is unisex, so there is absolutely no reason to complicate things. Only if someone wants patterned tights, then they will choose a design that suits the man more and the end of the story.

      • Thank you comment.
        In fact, I have to agree with you. Just like now, it has entered the autumn. Many male friends are beginning to wear it again. They are also very happy to accept pantyhose or tights; but compression pantyhose, If there is no health reason for the legs, as you said, it takes some time to wear it.

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