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10 Best Tights for Women

Best tights for women or pantyhose are a must-have for every fall/winter wardrobe, but let’s face it sometimes they can drive you crazy. There is nothing worse than noticing the new tights or pantyhose for running or the stubbornness of the waistband. This is why it is important to find a pair of comfortable, beautiful, and durable shoes.

The men’s pantyhose buying guide selections are the best performing products in our tests and are among the latest styles with rave reviews, but first of all, this is what you need to know when buying tights:

How To Choose Tights?

Denier tells you the fabric weight and lets you know how thick the tights will be. In general, the higher the denier, the more opaque the tights, meaning they’re thicker and less sheer. Any denier 40 and higher is considered opaque and not see-through, while anything less than 30 denier is more of a transparent, sheer stocking. You can find 80 deniers (and even up to 100 deniers) tights that are super thick and opaque.

Control top tights are essentially tights that have built-in shapewear. They help create a slimming look by smoothing areas like the tummy, hips, and thighs.

Best Tights for Women

Our favorite tights offer something for everyone. These tights can be easily bought online, and they are all tights with a very high praise rate. Some tights under 10 dollars are better than tights over 30 dollars. The following are the best tights we chose to win.

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Best Overall Tights

Best Tights for Women
Best Tights for Women

Super Opaque Control Top Tight 3-Pack, Cobblestone, Medium



Love love loves these. I needed something that would offer compression on my stomach since I’ve just had surgery. These offer great control top compression while still allowing you to breathe. They’re not completely opaque but they do cover well and the cobblestone gray looks quite chic. I saw other more expensive brands and was a little nervous about getting these since they were much cheaper, but I am very pleased with my purchase.

Our consumer testers were just as impressed: They said these tights were comfortable and easy to get on and they didn’t snag, rip or stretch out when they wore them. As the name implies, the material is super opaque and includes a control top.

Best Slimming Tights

Best Tights for Women
Best Tights for Women

SPANX Tights for Women Tight-End Tights




I have been wearing this footless asset for many years. They have some compression in the legs and I like to use them when exercising. I wish they had more compression but I have not yet been able to find any Spanx product that has more compression. I like that they do not have a wide waist that comes above the waistline.

They hand wash easily and I dry them on a hanger in the laundry or over a bathroom towel rack. They last a year or more if you are careful in washing in cool water and hold the compression. If you have varicose veins or any type of pain or ache problems in your leg these footless Assets help.

Best Snag Free Tights

Best Tights for Women
Best Tights for Women

DKNY Women’s Opaque Coverage Control Top




This pair stood out for being snag-resistant in both our Lab and consumer tests. They also recovered their shape nicely when we stretched it out in the Lab. Our panel said these tights felt comfortable throughout the day and liked that they were opaque yet still had a nice sheen.

We also tested (and loved) the super opaque version at 90 deniers that proved to be durable with strong seams in our tests, and the brand makes sheer options if you want something more see-through.

Best Non Control Tights

10 Best Tights for Women 1
Best Tights for Women

Commando Women’s Matte Opaque Tights




These are the best tights I’ve ever tried. They are the only ones I’ve ever purchased that did not have the waistband bite into my stomach or roll down causing unsightly creases or muffin tops. I am 5’6″ and 200lbs and I purchased the X-LG and it fits great.

The waist is so comfortable. I like to wear sweater dresses and boots in the winter and now my dresses look so much better on me. These were pricy, but for me, they are well worth the price. Now that I’ve tried them I plan on buying them again.

If you can’t stand the firm feel of control-top tights, Commando offers a unique non-binding waistband that our testers said was super comfortable and didn’t squeeze or pinch the way others do. They also said the tights held up when they wore them, and the durability scores in the Lab were above average.

Best Tights For Cold Weather

10 Best Tights for Women 2
Best Tights for Women

Berkshire Women’s Cozy Tight with Fleece-Lined Leg




These tights look just like regular tights, but they’re fleece-lined so they feel extra warm and cozy. They snagged slightly easier than others in our Lab test, though most of our testers never experienced snags or tears when they actually wore them.

Gone are the days of this 5’10” long-legged gal hiking up her tights or having to wear underwear over tights to keep them up. The fleece-lined ones are perfect for today’s cold Canadian winter (and look amazing, if I may say so myself). I also tend to snag tights and nylons with my nails but not with these.

Best Tights For Boots

10 Best Tights for Women 3
Best Tights for Women

Bootights Women’s Ankle Core Tight & Sock All-in-One



Socks + Tights = Bootights. Boot lovers will rejoice over this ingenious new product that Oprah called “revolutionary”. Bootights are the first and only tights designed especially for boots.

A premium best tights for women attached to a moisture-wicking performance sock, Bootights will make legs look amazing and feet feel warm and comfy all day long. Never again suffer from feet slipping, toes freezing, socks sagging and tights snagging. Bootights combine stylish tights with the technology of a performance sock in one fabulous, life-changing tight.

Best Luxury Tights

10 Best Tights for Women 4
Best Tights for Women

Wolford Women’s Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights




These tights are worth every penny. I own several pairs of this brand and have decided that if you wear them as frequently as I do, it makes sense to spend as much as you would on a decent pair of pants. One of my pairs is several years old and has defied runs and tears with heavy wear.

While you don’t have to spend a lot to get top-quality best tights for women, Wolford’s pricey pair did not disappoint. As the name implies, the material is incredibly soft like velvet and they were comfortable, easy to slide on, and non-constricting, especially because it doesn’t have a control top.

The Best Warm Tights

10 Best Tights for Women 5
Best Tights for Women

HUE Super Opaque Tights Control Top




Hue opaque control top 90 denier tight; soft, great opaque coverage. The perfect leg accessory with boots. Reinforced toe. Warm enough to wear in chilly temperatures, but light enough not to suffocate legs, these tights come in seven different colors from subtle black and Espresso to vibrant Chili and Ocean Blue. Hue also offers an impressive range of sizes the company says can fit those from 4’11” to 6’0″.

A buyer review(best tights for women), TRUE STORY: I hate it when tights run. The first day I wore these tights, I was an eye-witness to a serious car crash and literally had to climb over a chain-link fence to get to the car. The car-crash person was ok after the ambulance came, and my tights were also ok. Not a single rip, on that day or even 5 months later.246 people found this helpful.

Best Low Rise Tights

10 Best Tights for Women 6
Best Tights for Women

Hipstik Women’s Opaque Tights | Comfortable, Lace Top | Low-rise Sits On Hip




Wearing tights longer than an hour is a huge problem for me after abdominal surgery left me with permanent tenderness at my waist. I bought my first pair of Hipstiks and wore them Tuesday for a 17-hour work shift. I was totally comfortable the entire time.

The fabric is thicker than most tights I’ve worn in the past but not as thick as a lined tight. They do provide extra leg warmth. The fabric is soft and doesn’t irritate my skin. I forget they are on. I have slender ankles and feet and there was a bit of looseness at the ankle but not very noticeable. I bought a size E based on the chart. Next time will buy a size smaller. Overall these are well worth the money and I can wear tights again!

Best Tight Colors

10 Best Tights for Women 7
Best Tights for Women

sofsy Opaque Microfibre Tights for Women



These are the best tights for women! I have some scarring on my legs and self-conscious about it, and it can be seen through sheer stockings/tights. The opacity of these tights is enough to cover scarring, and they don’t look like “grandma” hose. Plus they feel great!

If you’re looking for bold, bright tights, this style comes in 30 different colors. While we haven’t tested them in our Lab, their best-sellers on Amazon with hundreds of five-star reviews, and the company says it’ll give you a full refund if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Tights for Women Review 36
  • True to size
  • Keep paunchy areas in check
  • Made very well
  • Waistband is amazing

Commando Matte Opaque Tights For Men & Women

Commando Women’s Matte Opaque Tights is very good, like some others I have. It is very well constructed with high quality. It fits as expected and is extremely comfortable to wear and not cutting into my belly, but it rolls slightly at the top, If you are a man, you can wear it in autumn and winter. It is very suitable. When a man buys it, he should pay attention to the size.

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  • Waistband is amazing
  • Made very well
  • True to size
  • Keep paunchy areas in check


  • package didn’t say maternity
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