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2024 Best Pantyhose for Guys

What is the best pantyhose for guys? When it comes to pantyhose for men, also known as “mantyhose” or “hosiery for men,” the best choice often depends on individual preferences such as comfort, style, and intended use.

Best Pantyhose for Guys

Men who wear leggings, what is your biggest hang-up about wearing them? Why is that? When wearing them I am conscious about how I look before going out by looking in the mirror. Still when I first started wearing it just being out in about, (not at the gym) it took a while to get used to at first. I don’t think about it since I know I am appropriately dressed. So for me, it was more of a mind thing. Also, no one has physically ever spoken to me about what I was wearing rudely.

Here are some popular options:

2024 Best Pantyhose for Guys 1

Sheertex Stubbornly Rip-Resistant Tights

Really strong tights made strong with Rip-Resist technology, meet your new favorite tights, made strong with Sheertex Rip-Resist technology. Every pair of Sheertex tights is engineered to resist rips, runs, and snags.

Every pair of Sheertex Stubbornly Sheer Tights ships out of our Canadian factory and HQ in Montreal.

Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: I received them yesterday, very comfortable and stretchy tights. Bought a Large size, I’m 6’-0” tall, 220lb. They are medium sheer, smooth something like semi-opaque around 40D. They seem durable, will see. I love the wide waistband.

2024 Best Pantyhose for Guys 2

Mona’s Choice Womens & Mens Pantyhose

These sturdy tights make your legs look amazing, are very stretchy, and feel as if they are barely there. They are smooth, have a medium degree of compression, and can double as lean shapewear with a no-show look under pants or skirts. The tights are good for daily wear, dress occasions, or matching to almost any color outfit or costume. They will help keep you warm in the winter but can be worn all year round.

These tights will easily fit men up to 6 feet and 200 lbs, as they have a lot of up and down stretch to accommodate men and women of almost any height.


Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: I am a man about 6″0 tall and right around 200 lbs. I fell in love with these tights. But was a little skeptical about the size. Even though it said it fits men around 6″ ft and 200 lbs. I perched the steamed-footed ones for myself to wear around the house or under jeans when out and about. When I received them they looked a little on the tiny size. I tried them on and I was amazed at how well they stretch.

Best Pantyhose for Guys

BEFASY Men’s Sexy Nylon Sheer Pantyhose

BEFASY Men’s Sexy 8D Oil Nylon Sheer Pantyhose High Elastic Shiny Glossy Stockings Shaping Tights. Trendy style to show your body curve perfectly. Giving your figure a skinny and unique appearance, Special and modern design makes you more attractive, charming, and fashionable.

Perfect for nightwear, romantic gifts, honeymoons, wedding night, lingerie parties, sleepwear, or Valentine’s Day.


Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: Loved everything about this pantyhose they are perfect for the jock area as it tightens everything.

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MeMoi Scottish Plaid Tartan Sweater Tights

People can’t get enough of Glasgow! Our plaid sweater tights are available in a variety of colored tartans to suit your outfit, personality, or mood. Go bold with our best-selling bright red, or choose a more subdued color to compliment a bright dress, either way, you’ll be perfectly warm and cozy.

$20.35 – $49.53

Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: I really loved these! They fit great and are super cute. The material seems very sturdy and was super comfortable. My one gripe would be that I wish the patter went all the way up, or at least a little higher because if you are wearing something short the white can show depending on how you move, which is a little weird and can possibly look like your underwear are showing. Still, very happy with the purchase and probably going to buy the other colors!

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GLAMORY Micromen 100 Tights Plus Size

Glamory specializes in plus-size hosiery, including pantyhose for men. They offer a variety of styles and sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all body types.

Be a Microman: Microfiber Men Tights with opaque, matt-effect appearance. The fully boarded tights for men offer a unique, very comfortable feeling. With comfort gusset and flat seams. Reinforced panty. With fly.

Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: I’m 6’3″ at 245 pounds and bought the 4XL thinking that they would run small – I was wrong. They go up to my armpits. You are also not able to fold or roll them down because the fly then opens wide and everybody falls out. Good quality product I just bought the wrong size.

2024 Best Pantyhose for Guys 5

Wolford Satin Touch Tights

Your Wolford tights don’t have to only come in classic, complementary colors and styles – you can always go a little bolder and let your creativity flourish through our intricate flower patterns, geometric designs, and logomania-inspired styles. While basics are versatile and elegant, our trendy tights are fashion-forward, playful, and statement-making. At Wolford, you will most definitely find a design that will inspire you to express your most authentic self.


$31.95 – $33.25

Best Pantyhose for Guys

Customer Reviewed: Wears them under her pajamas when it’s cold says she doesn’t even know she has them on. VERY beautiful for everyday wear also 2 other girls in her office wear them now because of her. Excellent product well worth the price.

Ultimately, the best pantyhose for guys depends on personal preferences regarding fit, style, material, and intended use. It’s essential to consider factors such as size, opacity, denier (thickness), and any specific features you may require when choosing the right pantyhose for you. Additionally, reading reviews and trying out different brands and styles can help you find the perfect pair.

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