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Most Men Love Wear Pantyhose 2021

Now there seem to be more interest men love wear pantyhose than women. More men talk about wearing pantyhose than women. Women usually complain about having to wear pantyhose or have sworn them off altogether.

I wear tights now. My wife does not. My feeling is the culture is starting to trend back to men preferring to wear legwear while women do not. Not unlike it was during Medieval and renaissance times. Women are increasingly moving towards trousers and are preferring them. Men want to experiment with shorter-length garments and legwear.

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Men Love Wear Pantyhose

I think it is less for summer and younger people and more for winter and older people. some men started wearing men’s pantyhose one winter. I like them very much.

Men Love Wear Pantyhose
men love wear pantyhose – men wear pantyhose – men pantyhose

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The first time I wore men’s pantyhose was under my ski pants when we went cross-country skiing. My ex-girlfriend, who was at that time still my girlfriend, always wore pantyhose under her ski pants, while previously I had always worn thermals undermine. She had always said pantyhose were warmer and more comfortable. I think this is one of the reasons why men love to wear pantyhose.

Men Love Pantyhose

My ex-girlfriend handed me a pair of men’s pantyhose, said she thought these would work better for me, and showed me how to put them on. She was right. While putting them on would take a little getting used to, they fit like they were made for me, and I immediately liked the way they felt on me. I also found they were softer and warmer insulation while we were out cross country skiing, just like my then-girlfriend had always been saying. And I liked the silky, smooth feel and the way my legs looked in them.

As men love pantyhose they have a suitable reason. men love wear pantyhose.

Men pantyhose

Most Men Love Wear Pantyhose 2021 1
men wear pantyhose – men pantyhose

Most men wearing men’s pantyhose for most of the adult life. they love the feeling, look, and support they offer because wear them for comfort. An added benefit no matter how men pantyhose or women pantyhose have some mythical power over having sex. An added fantastic benefit!! Pantyhose are so unique.

Men Wear Pantyhose

During winter men wear pantyhose kept them a lot warmer. Soldiers stationed in the desert.if you wearing men’s pantyhose keeps sand fleas from biting your legs. They’re comfortable. Provide some support for your legs. On the other end of the spectrum. Compression Pantyhose work the same way. But they offer more support. If you stand all day. You’re more comfortable by the end of the day. They provide protection from blood and varicose veins. men love wear pantyhose.

men wear pantyhose is a good idea? yes, it is. do you know how many men love pantyhose? In fact, there are no accurate statistics, but you can find a lot of similar topics in Quora. such as this men love pantyhose topic.

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However, most men go to the store to buy pantyhose and feel embarrassed, now online shopping is very convenient, if you want to buy men’s pantyhose, you can choose to buy it online.

Most Men Love Wear Pantyhose 2021 2
men pantyhose – men wear pantyhose

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Men's Glossy Pantyhose Open Sheath
Men’s Glossy Pantyhose Open Sheath

Compression Pantyhose don’t look like grandma’s old ones. They are much sheerer. Then in the old days. The colors of all pantyhose. Are endless. You can always find one that matches your skin tone. Or you could go in tights. Again many colors to wear. Also, pantyhose or tights come in different designs. Fishnets, etc. You can buy men’s pantyhose on Amazon because men love pantyhose too.

As a man, if you will buy men’s pantyhose, It is also necessary to know some skills for buying pantyhose in advance. men love wear pantyhose.

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  • Sexy men’s nylon sheer pantyhose
  • Shiny Glossy appearance
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  • Too much will tear
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Hi, I am Jess. Li! I live in Chengdu, the hometown of panda,with my lovely son and my dear husband. This site is about sharing men's pantyhose, Tights, Compression pantyhose, etc. Of course, it will also introduce how to choose and buy.

14 thoughts on “Most Men Love Wear Pantyhose 2021”

  1. I knew that some guys do wear pantyhose


    But of course, men can wear pantyhose but herein lies the secret of whether it’s for practicable reasons or for pleasure !!! I myself used to wear pantyhose/tights during the long cold days of winter whilst working on my various building sites.

    I became quite familiar with the different gauges of denier and frequently used my girlfriend’s old somewhat laddered tights. However, when spring came I had to make a conscious effort to dismiss the urge to wear tights but my girlfriend was a little put-out, she actually liked to touch my legs when encased in nylon. I soon sorted that out by asking her to order some nylon clothing that could be worn by either sex.

    Anyway, I digress, for a man to wear pantyhose it should be his own choice but be warned, if this is only a practicable venture then weather permitting he would change with the comings and goings of the seasons. From another point of view perhaps a man may be a crossdresser who enjoys wearing nylons (some woolen pairs, admittedly!) And who gets a bit of a ‘buzz out of wearing them.

    From yet another point of view there are many, many, men who frequently wear pantyhose and indeed stockings underneath their trousers, once again this is a matter of choice. Fundamentally I believe there is no right or wrong regarding pantyhose or in fact any other item of clothing predominantly worn by one or the other sex. We only have to reach into our pasts a few hundred years to find men predominantly being the prime users of the tights, silk, and shirts too.

    A word of caution though, perhaps you should share this desire (if that’s what it is, and I suggest it is!) with your partner if you have one and beware of outwardly showing the pantyhose in public, “there’s nowt as queer as folk” as the Yorkshireman said to his son Some people, nay the majority would probably think a man in tights/pantyhose a target for scorn and belittlement when in fact it is they who are the ones to be mocked.

    Somehow I should say if you want to wear pantyhose then by all means go ahead and enjoy but remember, not everyone is as ‘amicable about gender clothing, all been misled, to be objective about such matters. Go ahead, knock yourself out, wear pantyhose wear whatever you wish but do remember not everyone else will be of the same ilk like you.

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  2. I wear sheer pantyhose with My suits,tuxedos and dress clothes. Men’s sheer socks were getting hard to find.
    They feel Great with dress shoes. Making them easier to slide on and off.

  3. I want to buy my father one of these men’s pantyhoses for medical and health reasons. He’s suffering from inflamed varicose veins and his doctor prescribed him to buy tight long socks to compress and treat the inflamed varicose veins. He was told that this is better than opting for vein surgery. But before I finally buy, I’d like to ask if these pantyhoses cool to the skin as we live here in a quite hot country? 

  4. This is very good talk. Panty hose for men. I didn’t know that there was a specific type that the men would feel more comfortable with. I think I see some men on pantyhose and think it’s funny but some of my male friends were I and they say they feel comfortable in them and I see reasons. I thing the compression is a great one. Is there any for the ladies too?

  5. I really do hope that my hubby wouldn’t mind giving this a trial. Men panty hose is becoming rather a normal trend thee days and I am loving it to be precise. They look a lot more cute and cool when they are on it with a short. But most men, like my hubby sees it as a bad thing. But really, I’m gonna buy it before telling him about it. Winter is coming and this could always serve as an alternative to wearing a trouser indoor. Thanks

    • I am a man that love to wear pantyhose .They make my legs feel better and my legs look great in hose so i suggest for me n to try wearing pantyhose at least once to see how they feel.They do keep your legs warmer in winter

    • I say this as a fact… only REAL men wear pantyhose. If you want to feel better at the end of a days work, wear either support or light compression pantyhose. I prefer the thigh high hold up stockings. I inherited poor circulation in my legs from my father. At the age of 14, I started to get spider veins and blood pooling in my feet. It was recommended that I wear support hose. So I did, and I wore them everyday and even in my track shorts. Sheer compression hose kept my legs warm and at the end of a run, my legs felt better. I got ribbed a little until a cheerleader came up to me and said, ” Only real men wear panty hose.” Never got ribbed again. Also I don’t have the problems the rest of my family have with their surgeries to repair bad veins. My father lost his leg to poor circulation because he was too Macho to wear them. Your wife will love the way your legs look too. Good luck, RoDarrick.

      • Hi, Donn
        In fact, I very much agree with your point of view that compression pantyhose has certain medical uses and can relieve spider veins and blood pooling in the legs to a certain extent.
        But if there are no health problems for the legs, ordinary pantyhose or Tights are also good choices.

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