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The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews

Every winter when the temperature is below zero, many women still like to wear skirts; this is why we have to consider looking for the best warm tights for women in winter, I prefer dresses to pants, which is why I’m constantly searching for the warmest tights for women.

At least half of my wardrobe is made up of dresses and skirts. When winter comes, I like to transition my wardrobe while staying cozy by layering up big time. Warm tights, fleece pantyhose and tights, and more are ideal layered pieces to keep the legs warm under the legs and skirts (even jeans or other pants) without adding too much extra bulk. Therefore, even if it is not your favorite skirt, tights or pantyhose will still come in handy in the colder months.

When it comes time to choose a pair (or several pairs), you will be surprised to find that a wide variety of thermal techniques can be found in tights or pantyhose today, and the price is usually less than $20 per pair.

Best Warm Tights Reviews

Best yet, there’re plenty of varieties to match both your personal style and the degree of warmth you need. From pairs that use high-performance insulation to non-itch wool tights to classic but cozy cable-knit options, these will bundle you up in comfy warmth. For the sartorially adventurous, many of these cool-weather tights come in a range of colors beyond classic black, too. Pick your favorite and layer at will.

1. The Best Fleece Lined Tights

Best Warm Tights Reviews
Best Warm Tights

VERO MONTE Opaque Warm Fleece Lined Tights




VERO MONTE Thermal Winter Tights are warm enough, It really depends on your tolerance to cold and how cold it is in your area. If it gets below 20 degrees F, and you will be out for long in the open, you will get cold in like 10-15 mins at most. VERO MONTE tights really warm, the inside material makes it really cozy and keeps you protected during cold weather, You can use it with a skirt and that was perfectly fine in 35-40F.

A buyer review: These are so soft and warm. These fit like other fleece tights I’ve had in the past only higher quality. They don’t stretch a lot so if you’re in the higher weight or height of the bracket I’d just jump up a size. I have thick thighs so this is always important for me.

(I’m 5’5” and 145lb) but these are not that transparent. I’d feel comfortable wearing these with a skirt or dress. They also have the double seam on the butt like other fleece tights, but these don’t seem to bug me as much as other tights with the same stitch. They are a little shiny but I think it’s cute because it looks like a very rich black.

2. Fleece Lined Leggings for Women Winter

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 1
Best Warm Tights

Free To Live Fleece-Lined Leggings (6-Pack)




A buyer review: If you’re a big leg thick girl like me then you RUN away FAST from anything that’s “one size fits most” !!! I’m 5’5 and 200lbs. It may not look like it but I am. My thighs are huge and have been ripping all my size 14 pants apart ( -_-) I refuse to buy new pants so I’ve been searching for fleece-lined leggings to wear to work this winter while I attempt to lose weight. I was so nervous to order these but somebody’s review made me give it a shot plus the description says “up to size XL”…

This pack of six fleece-lined leggings is a great deal for a high-quality product. “I’m back from my trip to Iceland. It was about 30 degrees F a few times and they kept me warm throughout the trip. I didn’t even have to wear them under my pants!!

They were perfect and I couldn’t believe the price for these,” one customer raves. Made of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, these offer plenty of stretches to fit many different bodies while the fleece lining is cozy and comfortable. With more than 2,300 five-star reviews, they’re a best-selling Amazon cult-favorite.

3. The Best Knitted Tights

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 2
Best Warm Tights

Vero Monte Modal & Cotton Opaque Patterned Tights




This is my third time ordering these tights. I have them in black and this is my second set of the Navy and cranberry color. I’m only ordering more because I wear them so often and don’t always have time to get them dry cleaned in between uses so I wanted extra pairs.

I haven’t had any issues with any of the types of ordered and I’ve had them for over a year. They still fit exactly the same as they did on day one. They’re extremely comfortable and durable! I’m a very clumsy person and I have yet to get a whole or run in any of these tights. There are opaque and comfortable! For me, these are the only types I ever need.

A buyer review(best warm tights): Just got these gorgeous fashionable quality tights perfect for that cool weather coming up shortly. Wow. They fit perfectly, and are snug and soft to the touch. I feel like I am wear comfortable leggings. I love how the heel and toe are reinforced and it fits to your side.

I really love these tights and can’t wait to pair them with my sweater dresses or office skirts in the winter. Unboxing these was fun. There was a nice greeting letter detailing how to properly care for your stockings as well as a customer rep that you can contact should you have any issues with the stockings. I would highly recommend these!

4. The Overall Best Warm Tights

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 3
Best Warm Tights

Heat Holders Thick Winter Thermal Tights



When you want to wear your favorite skirt, but it is cold outside, Heat Holders Thermal Tights are the best solution. These Heat Holders Tights have everything covered when it comes to keeping you nice and warm in the coldest of times – allowing you to wear a skirt and still be super warm!

A buyer review(best warm tights): I might have to buy a few more pairs of these. They’re indispensable during those cold Swedish winters. Or any winter, really. I love wearing them under my pants or to bed. They don’t feel heavy at all on my skin, not unlike some kinds of knitted tights and they feel so fleecy and fluffy on the inside, it’s like wearing a fluffy hat all over your legs.

5. The Best Itch-Free Wool Tights

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 4
Best Warm Tights

Janus Wool Tights



The wool tights of old could be itchy, lose their shape, and generally uncomfortable. But these Janus wool tights are made from high-quality Merino wool blended with polyamide so the fabric that’s soft to the touch while the 2% elastane helps it stay put. The wool’s absorbent quality keeps you warm but not sweaty throughout the day.

Made of Okemo-Tex certified material, it’s also proven free from potentially harmful chemicals. Machine washable, these tights won over one reviewer who raves, “These are the best. The real wool kept me warm while traveling internationally, but they are still breathable so I didn’t get hot.”

6. Muk Luks Fleece Lined Tights

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 5
Best Warm Tights

Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined Tights




Muk Luks Women’s Fleece Lined 2-Pair Pack Tights has high popularity on Amazon. From the buyer’s reviews, there are positive and negative ones. Although I have not bought this brand, this pantyhose is still It is worth buying a pair to have a try, maybe next winter I will consider buying it in advance.

A buyer review(best warm tights): These are very warm. They are warmer then I expected them to be and look very nice. The fit was good. I wear a size 14 and am 5′ 6″ tall. They fit me nicely but would be ok for someone either a little smaller or bigger. They are not too thick but are very soft.

7. The Best Warm Tights With The Most Colors

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 6
Best Warm Tights

HUE Super Opaque Tights Control Top




Hue opaque control top 90 denier tight; soft, great opaque coverage. The perfect leg accessory with boots. Reinforced toe. Warm enough to wear in chilly temperatures, but light enough not to suffocate legs, these tights come in seven different colors from subtle black and Espresso to vibrant Chili and Ocean Blue. Hue also offers an impressive range of sizes the company says can fit those from 4’11” to 6’0″.

A buyer review(best warm tights), TRUE STORY: I hate it when tights run. The first day I wore these tights, I was an eye-witness to a serious car crash and literally had to climb over a chain-link fence to get to the car. The car-crash person was ok after the ambulance came, and my tights were also ok. Not a single rip, on that day or even 5 months later.246 people found this helpful.

8. Romastory Warm Pantyhose Tights

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 7
Best Warm Tights

Romastory Women’s Winter Warm Pantyhose Tights



Romastory winter warm pantyhose tights elastic fleece lined leggings pants are beloved among Amazon reviewers. This is because of their wide size range, comfy high-rise top, sturdy fabric, and ability to keep legs comfortable in the cold. Reviewers like them for wear outside in the winter as well as in overly-air conditioned spaces that can feel like the Arctic.

A buyer review(best warm tights): These are super comfy tights. I have a pair of fleece-lined thermal leggings that I love, I was expecting them to be like the ones I have (bought on amazon) but with feet. They fit well. A word of warning, they don’t stretch much. They are thick enough for winter wear. These are more like very thick tights with a thin layer of fleece on the inside.

9. A Fleece-Lined Pair Of Tights Available In Sizes Up To 4X

The 10 Best Warm Tights Reviews 8
Best Warm Tights

Berkshire Cozy Tight With Fleece-Lined Leg




Available in black, gray, brown, and navy, fans love these versatile fleece-lined tights for being cozy and comfortable. “I’m required to wear tights for work, and during the winter, we’re allowed to wear opaque tights. I’ve been searching for a good pair that will last AND keep me warm…. and these are definitely it!” one customer says.

Made of a nylon-spandex blend, they hold their shape well and the extra-stretchy waistband provides comfort. With a 70 denier thickness, they cover well but are still thin enough to wear underpants. “So warm! Wore them traveling through Europe in the winter (think 0 degrees), and they were warm alone and underpants,” another customer raves. The only drawback might be that it’s recommended you hand wash these.

A buyer review(best warm tights): I’m 5’9″, 140 lbs, and wear pants with a 34″ inseam. I initially bought these tights in the Tall size, which should have been the correct size based on the size chart. But they were very tight, and therefore not as opaque (and probably not as warm) as I wanted. I exchanged them for the next size up, the 1X-2X, which fits me quite well. I really like the proportions. The legs are long, which is perfect for me.

I agree with some of the other reviewers that the material on the inside of the tights isn’t what I think of when I imagine fleece. But it is definitely thicker and warmer than non-fleece-lined tights, and I haven’t been able to find any fleecier tights that fit my long legs properly. So these will have to do.

10. Best Warm Tights that come in a kaleidoscope of colors

Best Warm Tights Reviews
Best Warm Tights

MeMoi Boston Ribbed Sweater Tights




I like to wear dresses all year long. I live in Chicago and sometimes you need to be really brave to wear a dress during winter time. With these sweater tights the problem is solved. They are warm and I don’t need to wear pants. Feet keep warm and don’t sweat, even wearing boots. 

I bought them in black, M-L. I am 5’5″ and 140, they fit perfectly, no saggy, no tight, no bulky, and go all the way to my waist.
I got gladly surprised when I received a gift from the vendor: an extra pair of regular pantyhose in beige color. Loved it! A little detail can make a customer happy and loyal. 

Best Warm Tights For Men

Should men wear pantyhose for warmth?

I want to say is, It’s not much of a stretch. best tights keep warm.

First of all: Although some men are a cross-dresser, many men are not in this situation, just for warmth, Not for any kinky reasons. Even in Florida, the weather can get really cold in the early morning with a wind-chill factor in effect. Men can wear pantyhose or tights under their jeans to keep their legs warm. If your mind wears women’s pantyhose Way too embarrassing, as a man, you can consider buying pantyhose specially manufactured for men.

Best Warm Tights. Would that be mantyhose?

Man girdles — mirdles — have been gaining quite a following in recent years. It figures man hosiery would follow.

read more best mantyhosebest pantyhose for men, best men tights.

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