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Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021, Recently, I learned about the Sheer Tights of the Threads brand through hosieryformen’s blog, but unfortunately, I have not searched for it on Amazon at the moment, so I cannot buy the Tights of this brand, but I will try to buy it on the official website. So the review below is from hosieryformen’s blog, and you can find the original link at the bottom.

Threads Sheer Tights Review

Hosiery brand Threads recently sent us their Opaque Tights and Sheer Tights to trial and review.

You can read our recent review of the Threads Opaque Tights

You can also read Part One and Part Two of our recent conversation with Xenia Chen, the founder of Threads. Part Two covers the plans of Threads to launch a new style of tights for men. You can now join the waitlist for Threads for Men and be the first to know when they are launched.

Threads tights are extremely popular with guys. For lots of feedback on Threads tights from their many male customers check out their videos here and here.

We now focus on the Threads Sheer Tights.

Threads Sheer Tights Review
Threads Sheer Tights Review

This is how Threads describe their Sheer Tights:

“Our 20 denier tights. A wardrobe staple. What’s more classic than a pair of black sheer tights? Whether it’s with your favorite sweater dress, dress suit for work, or go-to Saturday night outfit, our Sheer tights in black are extremely versatile and go well with outfits from day tonight. Made in Italy.”


The Threads Sheer Tights are simply packaged. The tights are folded around a plain white card and then enclosed in a cellophane envelope. It is closed with a Threads sticker that identifies the size.

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 1
Threads Sheer Tights Review
Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 2
Threads Sheer Tights Review

Materials & features

The Threads Sheer Tights are 20 Denier and made in Italy, which is a sign of the brand’s aspiration to provide quality hosiery. The yarn is 81% Polyamide and 19% Elastane.

Threads describe the yarn used as ‘microfiber double-covered yarn’, which has been designed for enhanced comfort, and is also less likely to produce static and stick to one’s clothes.

The sheer tights felt really soft as I took them out of the packaging. A good sign was the generous leg length, which Threads describe as “enhanced”, to avoid the “double crotch” effect of tights that are too small.

These tights are not sheer to the waist. There is a brief made out of much denser and more opaque yarn that is designed to hug you and provide a lift to the bottom.

The brief measures 28cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch.

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 3
Threads Sheer Tights Review

The rear of the brief has two panels that are designed to fit the buttocks and sculpt and lift them.

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 4
Threads Sheer Tights Review
Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 5
Threads Sheer Tights Review

Seams are flat. There is a gusset for improved comfort and fit.
The waistband is just under 5cm wide and very stretchy.

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 6
Threads Sheer Tights Review

The feet are boarded (shaped) and toes are reinforced.

Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 7
Threads Sheer Tights Review
Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 8
Threads Sheer Tights Review

Sizing, fit & wearing experience

The Threads Sheer Tights are available in four sizes:

  • A
  • B
  • CD

I wore a Size D.

When putting them on you need to ensure that they are the right way round so that the two panels in the rear of the brief are aligned over the buttocks. The legs go on nice and easy, but you will find that the brief has quite a lot of elasticity. It stretches really well and once in place will really hug you in that area. It’s very much a control brief, which may not be to everyone’s taste. I found it provided firm but not uncomfortable support. In fact, after wearing it for some time you don’t notice the compression.

What the brief does do very well is keep the tights in place all day without the need for pulling up and adjusting. It stretches easily above the waist, hips, and navel.
The fit on the leg was excellent with a consistent 20 Denier coverage. There is a light sheen rather than any over-noticeable shine.
I loved the smooth, sensual feel on the leg. Under trousers the glide was excellent.

Colour range

The Threads Sheer Tights are available in five colors:


Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 9


Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 10


Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 11


Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 12


Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021 13

I wore them in the Black shade.

Price & availability

The Threads Sheer Tights are priced at $14.00 (USD) and $18.00 (CAD).

There is free shipping on orders over $29 USD / $39 CAD.


I really enjoyed trying out the Threads Sheer Tights. What stands out more than anything else is how comfortable they feel when worn; this is a common thread in all the feedback from Threads male customers.

It’s always good to have tights with a really deep brief, being a feature that suits the shape of many guys very well. It will be interesting to see what modifications Threads might make for the forthcoming Threads for Men tights. Will there be a pouch or front panel feature to support the male anatomy further? We will have to wait and see. You will definitely read about the new Threads for Men here as soon as they are released.

The Threads Sheer Tights are very good value for just $14.00 USD. The range of five nude skin tones is a further positive. 


Opaque Tights Review 19
  • Good quality & Good value
  • Awesome for cosplay
  • Great for price
  • Pull On closure, Machine Wash, Opaque tights, Sheer to waist

HUE Women's Opaque Tights, Also suit Men

HUE Women’s Opaque Tights, In the past period of time I like this product very much, but now I will try more pantyhose brands, if you want to ask me to recommend one to men or women, the best selling pantyhose is One of my favorite brands, I believe you will also like it.

Comments Rating 5 (2 reviews)


  • Pull On closure, Machine Wash, Opaque tights, Sheer to waist
  • Good quality & Good value
  • Awesome for cosplay
  • Great for price


  • It was a little tight around the waist
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3 thoughts on “Threads Sheer Tights Review 2021”

  1. Im a man and wearing HUE tights


    Hue opaque sheer to waist 40 denier tight; soft, great coverage, year-round opaque coverage. The perfect leg accessory with boots. I am a male that works in the construction field and being outside every day in the elements we need something that is going to keep us warm.

    I have tried the thermals, didn’t like them because they just didn’t work!! what really works is something that’s going to fit tight because that’s what’s going to keep the heat in. I have tried them all! But after trying these I am now being sold. these work great!! not too tight, not too loose, but just right.

    by the way, I am 5ft11 and about 175. you can not go wrong with these. who the hell cares if they say for women!! if it works and keeps you warm when you are on top of a building and the wind chill is kicking. what more do I need to say.

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  2. Visited Threads site



    Like Sheertex hosiery some men are modeling their pantyhose. Threads hosiery look to be a must try! But, I feel you MUST shave your legs if you desire to wear pantyhose. Pantyhose stay up better when you shave and feel so much better.
    Another quirky aspect if you feel the need for underwear under your pantyhose it is best to choose appropriate panties. Men’s briefs are too cumbersome and not a great compliment when wearing pantyhose.

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